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Indoors vs Outdoors: Choosing a Photo Session Location

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Choosing an amazing location is an important part of making your photo session unique and beautiful! There are so many different options that sometimes the choice can be overwhelming. Where you live, the weather, the time of year, distance, and other factors all play into the decision. You want your location to be unique, beautiful, comfortable, convenient, and conducive to the look you are going for. I am here to help you find the best location to fit you and your vision! 

First you need to narrow down your options. One of the biggest choices in this process is choosing whether you want an indoor or outdoor location. Let me break down the pros and cons of each to help make your decision easier!

Indoor Locations

Oftentimes, indoor locations are overlooked or forgotten when it comes to location options. But shooting indoors has so many benefits! 

So, what are your options for indoor locations? 

Photography studios are an amazing choice because they are specifically set up for all of your photo needs. They have different backdrops and props to get a variety of shots while staying in the same building. The lighting can easily be controlled with flashes or natural light. The space can also be easily changed to get the look you want! 

Another option is to use local buildings like libraries, greenhouses, capitol buildings, event centers, cute cafes or whatever you can find! I love shooting at places like these because they are so unique! These locations can also sometimes double as indoor and outdoor locations when the building is pretty on the inside and outside. 

You can also have your session in your own home! Photos in your home are especially sentimental because they show off your personality and lifestyle. If you want a homey feel but don’t want to use your own house, you can always rent a cute Airbnb that fits your style! 

Benefits of Shooting Indoors

First, you don’t have to worry about the weather or time of year. Even if it’s raining, snowing, freezing cold, or sweltering hot on the day of your session, it will still be a cushy 70 degrees inside. Undesirable weather can detract from how well your session goes and the weather is impossible to plan for. Cancellations due to weather will be avoided with indoor sessions.

Second, your outfit choices won’t be limited by the cold or heat! You can even wear your cute but uncomfortable shoes because you won’t need to walk around very much. You can also change outfits easily with indoor facilities. If you are doing a bridal session, you won’t have to worry about dirt getting on your wedding dress, or snagging it on rocks or twigs!

Lastly, I recommend indoor locations because of their aesthetic. Indoor sessions can be controlled to get exactly the look you want! When shooting indoors, you have options like controlled lighting, colorful backgrounds, and the use of props like furniture or plants. You can also get a lot of variety if you want to switch things up and do multiple looks in one session! 

Here are some examples from my favorite indoor shoots!

Outdoor Locations

Now that we have covered indoor locations, let’s talk about your options when it comes to the outdoors! Including nature and outdoor elements into your photos can make them beautifully organic and dimensional. It is a completely different look than indoors, but just as stunning!

What are some outdoor location options? 

There are so many possibilities for places to shoot outside! Natural locations with beautiful landscapes are an amazing option! A background showing off the beauty of the area just makes your photos all the more worthy to be hung on your wall. Nature has so many interesting elements that will make your photos stand out!

You can also shoot in urban areas like the top of a parking garage or in a historic downtown area. Architectural elements create fun lines that make photos pop. Old buildings can create a vintage feel and modern structures can add to a contemporary look. It just depends what you want. 

Parks, gardens, nature trails, city streets, beaches, mountains, or lakes are just some of the many outdoor options! 

Benefits of Outdoor Locations

While uncontrollable weather may seem undesirable, the weather can also make your photos absolutely incredible. Trust me when I say that some of the most amazing photos I have ever taken have been in the worst weather conditions. Snow, wind, or rain can add drama, emotion, and movement to photos in a gorgeous way. Breathtaking sunsets, stunning cloud-filled skies, or other natural phenomena cannot be duplicated. They add something extra special and unique to your photos.

I think the main benefit of shooting outdoors is that nature is beautiful! There is so much variety in the seasons, weather, time of day, and location. 

Taking pictures is also a great excuse to go somewhere beautiful! I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had to go to gorgeous places in nature because of photography. Turn your photo session into a fun little trip or excursion to somewhere really cool you’ve never explored before!

Here are some photos shot in beautiful outdoor locations.

Making Your Decision

In conclusion, I have to say that even though there are so many options, you really can’t go wrong. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor session, it will be beautiful and unique either way! And if you are like me and love all different locations, you can always do another photo session later in another location! There is always an excuse to take more photos to document you and your life. 

Anyway, I hope this helps! Don’t forget to save this post on Pinterest to remember for the next time you need to choose a photo shoot location. 

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