Fashion-Inspired Editorial Engagement Session | Pink Backdrop Studio Shoot

Pink is my favorite color! Which is just one of the reasons why I am so excited to share this fashion-inspired, editorial engagement session featuring a pink backdrop. It is definitely one of my shoots favorites ever!

The pink seamless back drop creates a fun, romantic look that really stands out. And pink is perfect for Valentine’s day! (And any other time of the year, of course.)

With this shoot, we wanted to focus on couple’s fashion in an editorial style. Isn’t it fun to match with your s/o?! I loved the edgy, all-black look that Rachel and Hayden totally pulled off, mixed with a pop of color behind them. The neutral outfits work well with the bright color because they don’t take any attention away from the real stars of the show – the couple!

I think a shoot like this would be so fun for any engagement session! Just pick a color you love, and you can get some stylish and polished photos with just a paper backdrop. The color shows of your personality while also keeping the focus on your and your lover.

I also love shooting in studio because it looks great year-round! No worries about the weather or time of the year. Here in East Idaho, it can get pretty cold in the winter and it can be a little bit harder to find a pretty outdoor location, especially if you don’t want to freeze! But indoor studio sessions allow you to have complete control!

Indoor studio sessions also work well for other portrait sessions like headshots, maternity sessions, bridal sessions, or literally anything you can think of. We got some shots of just Rachel at the end of the session and she killed it!

This was the studio engagement session of my dreams and I can’t wait to do more like it!

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