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Extended Family Photography in Island Park, Idaho

extended family photography in Island Park, Idaho

When a family comes together to celebrate a momentous occasion, it is the perfect opportunity for an extended family photography session in Island Park, Idaho! This was exactly the case for the Switzer family as they gathered in Island Park to commemorate their grandparents’ 40th anniversary. With family members traveling from Arizona and across the country, this reunion was extra special. The Switzer’s wanted to document their time together and the breathtaking beauty of the area, so they decided to prioritize an extended family photography session. And Harriman State Park provided the perfect backdrop for this joyous occasion.

The Beauty of Island Park, Idaho

The family wanted a location that would reflect their adventurous spirit. Harriman State Park emerged as the ideal choice! It boasts a landscape reminiscent of Yellowstone National Park while being more easily accessible for capturing stunning photographs. The park has lush forests and breathtaking river views. And it offered a picturesque setting that would serve as the perfect place to capture their family.

On a beautiful, sunny day in late July, the extended family gathered at Harriman State Park for their photography session. The vibrant greenery and sparkling river served as a natural canvas for their portraits. The idyllic weather added an extra touch of magic to the atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience.

Extended Family Photography Session

During the photography session, we started with a shot of the entire family. Then we got one photo with large balloons to celebrate the occasion! We also focused on capturing both posed and candid shots of each individual family, highlighting the unique dynamics between parents, siblings, and children. Not forgetting the youngest members of the family, each grandchild had their own moment to shine in front of the camera.

The Switzer family’s extended family photography session in Island Park, Idaho was such a pleasure to for me to capture! They are such a sweet family and Harriman State Park was the perfect place for their session.

Get more information about visiting the beautiful Harriman State Park here! I highly recommend a day trip to the park during any time of the year!

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