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Tips for Wedding Day Getting Ready Photos

Getting ready photos are some of my favorites to capture on a wedding day! It’s the perfect time to get amazing photos of all the little details, the special moments with your girls, and the pre-ceremony excitement! With just a little bit of extra effort and prep, you can get gorgeous, magazine-worthy photos while also avoiding added stress. Here are my best tips for your wedding day getting ready photos!

Plan Plenty of Time

If you give yourself lots of extra time, you will be able to enjoy everything so much more. Being rushed is never fun, and you definitely don’t want to start the day off feeling stressed. Getting ready always takes longer than you think! Plan enough time for taking photos, eating something, putting on your dress and accessories, hanging out with your girls, and things like that. You can also work with your photographer and hair and makeup artist to plan the right amount of time for everything. 

wedding day getting ready photos

Getting Ready Location


Choosing a beautiful place to get ready makes a huge difference in how your photos will turn out! The number one thing to look for is lighting. I recommend choosing a space with lots of windows and natural light. Look for big windows and white walls if possible.  

So open those curtains! There can never be too much natural light. Avoiding dark spaces will guarantee a bright, natural look in your photos.


If possible, choose a spacious room so that everyone has plenty of room! You will also want to make sure there are enough chairs and mirrors for everyone.  

Many venues have a beautiful bridal suite to accommodate you and your bridesmaids. If you are deciding on a venue, that may be something to look for. But you don’t necessarily have to get ready at your venue! Other options include air bnb’s, hotel rooms, or a friend’s house.

Prepare for Detail Photos

Detail shots really help tell your wedding day story and they will look amazing in your album! Sometime before the wedding day, set aside all of the things you want to bring for detail photos and put them all in one place. That way your photographer can easily photograph them and nothing will be forgotten!

This includes wedding rings (your groom’s ring too!), jewelry, shoes, perfume, invitation suite, veil, something blue, and anything else you want photographed. 

Not all of these things are necessary, just suggestions! Bring whatever is important to you!

Hide the Clutter

If possible, keep the clutter in one place, so that it doesn’t show up in photos. Closets, drawers, and cupboards are perfect for hiding things like jackets or bags and keeping them out of the way. This makes a huge difference in your photos and allows for a clean look, without distracting objects in the background. 

Pro tip: Just ask your bridesmaids to keep their things organized and I’m sure they will be more than willing to help out. Less clutter also means less stress so its a win-win!

Plan a Special Moment with Mom

Ask your mom or someone special to help you into your dress and put on your veil! This creates a special moment with you and your mom and makes for some beautiful photos of the two of you. 

I recommend putting on your dress as the last thing you do when getting ready. Make sure your mom knows she needs to be dressed and ready by this point so that she looks great in the photos, too. Save some extra time for this step so that you can get photos without rushing. After putting on your dress could also be a good time to get some beautiful portraits of just you!

Have Fun with it!

Have some fun with your girls by wearing matching robes, popping some champagne, or throwing confetti! It’s time to celebrate and take advantage of the time you have with your girls.

Don’t forget to make a playlist beforehand to set the mood! That would be a great task for a bridesmaid that knows how to have a good time.

Groom and Groomsmen 

Even though the groom and groomsmen probably don’t need as much prep as the bride, they still deserve some photos too! I love capturing the groom with his guys before the ceremony and any details that are important to him, like shoes, ties, cufflinks, boutonnieres, or anything else that’s special! 

If time allows, before the ceremony is also a good time for portraits of the groom! That pre-ceremony excitement is so special to capture.

groomsmen getting ready photography

Those are my tips!

As a wedding photographer, I want the very best for my couples! You deserve to get your dream wedding day photos while fully enjoying your day, and I hope these tips will help with that. Work with your photographer to plan how to get the best photos for your wedding day! I give all of my brides a full wedding guide with even more tips and tricks to plan their perfect wedding day.

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