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How I Became an Idaho Wedding Photographer

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With the launch of my new website, I wanted to share how I became an Idaho wedding photographer! Read on to find out about my photography journey and what makes me stand out among so many others.

Exciting news!!! I just completely rebranded my business and redesigned my website! My beautiful website truly represents me and my wedding photography business and I couldn’t be more excited. I designed a new logo and color scheme, refocused my business goals, and filled my website with useful information for my clients. And I can proudly say that I did it all myself!

Since officially starting my photography business in 2018, I have learned SO much. Back then, I had no idea how much I didn’t know about running a business, building a website, finding clients, and so many other things. I thought I just had to focus on taking beautiful pictures. I had no idea how many other aspects there are to a wedding photographer’s job!

But I have to say, I LOVE every part of my job. It brings me so much joy to help brides and grooms have the best day of their life and then remember it forever. I do a little happy dance every time someone books with me and I put my heart and soul into making each client have the absolute best experience. Even learning about all of the business aspects has been so fun! I love it love it love it!

My Journey to Becoming an Idaho Wedding Photographer

How it All Started

Because I just launched my new website, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a little bit about myself and how I became an Idaho wedding photographer!

I have always loved being creative – I learned to sew when I was really young and I loved finding new crafty projects I could do. But even though I enjoyed being artistic, I was never any good at drawing and that felt really limiting! When I was about fifteen, my family bought a new “nice” camera. And that’s when it all started!

I read the camera user’s manual, did all the research I could, and practiced a ton to figure out how to use all the fancy camera settings. Photography was the perfect creative outlet for me! I could capture ordinary things in ways that made them interesting, and that was fascinating to me.

Choosing my Degree

Fast forward to my freshman year in college. I had moved to Utah and was in my first semester at BYU. I didn’t know what I “wanted to be when I grew up”. Nothing on the college majors list seemed to be calling my name. Except photography.

Back then, I had ruled out the idea of photography as a career. It seemed like everyone in Utah was already a photographer and that there would be no space for me! However, I soon realized what a silly idea that was!

First of all, I took a basic photography class for the first time and I realized that there was nothing that got me more excited than photography. I couldn’t deny it anymore! I loved it that much.

Second of all, I realized that even in a saturated Utah photography market, that no one else was just like ME. If this is what I was meant to do, I had to go for it! I knew I had something unique to offer.

Starting my Business

With the help of my amazing husband, Dillon, I officially started my wedding photography business in 2018! I’m so glad he encouraged me to just dive in.

Being a wedding photographer in Utah comes with some struggles, but it is more than worth it. Because there are so many other Utah photographers, I have been able to find ways to stand out and better serve my clients. Overall, I’ve become better because of that competition!

Since then, I moved with my little family to Idaho Falls, Idaho! Luckily, I can still serve clients in Utah Valley and Northern Utah as well as East Idaho and surrounding areas. I’m really grateful that it is possible to move my business and for the constant support of my wonderful clients, family, and friends! I’m excited to be working in Idaho and meeting new, wonderful couples here.

What Makes Me Different

One thing that sets my apart is my credentials. I graduated from the BYU photography program earlier this year and I am extremely grateful for that opportunity. Obviously a college degree isn’t necessary to become a wedding photographer, but the knowledge I gained from the BYU photography program (which is one of the best in the country!) has been invaluable to me.

During my time in college, I gained experience in studio lighting, product photography, film photography and dark room printing, portraiture, video, and many other subjects! I got to study the history of photography and learn from some amazing professors. I also took business and design classes. Overall, I learned a million times more than I ever could have taught myself.

You might think wedding photography doesn’t need all of that, but being well-rounded in my education has certainly helped me to become a better overall photographer. Wedding photographers are put in a lot of different scenarios during a wedding day and need to be able to quickly work in every one of them!

For example, there are lots of different lighting situations like harsh sun light and dark reception venues. Some moments for posed photos and some are for documentary style photos. There are situations for still-life/product photography shots like invitations and rings. There are even action shots like dancing and bouquet tosses!

Anyway, I feel very lucky to have a college degree in something I am so passionate about and I think my degree and knowledge is just one thing that makes me unique from the majority of other wedding photographers.

Find out even more about me here!

A Huge Thank You to YOU!

I am also extremely grateful to everyone who has supported my business! You are the ones that make it all possible. Even just the fact that you clicked on this post means a lot to me! So thank you for that!

I am so excited to see what comes next for me in my career! My rebrand and new website are a big step in improving my business. My goal is always to give my clients the absolute best!

I also just started an email list! Sign up in the footer section of my website (just scroll to the bottom) to receive updates and special offers from me.

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